Etiquettes To Keep in Mind Before Booking Hot Girls for Sex

If you are a newbie and booking Kolkata escorts for the first time, you should be aware about the etiquettes which are of utmost importance. Many questions might be conflicting in your mind regarding first meeting, but relax we will guide you and make you pretty confident. Here are some of the important points which you should follow on a strict basis.

  • Before choosing any escorts in Kolkata, you should check your investment range. If you are ready for full investment book these kinky girls for full night for real pleasure. However, there is hourly basis also for low budget usually involving dating or sensual love session.
  • If the escort is visiting your house make it clean and tidy, as the entire escort ladies here are very serious regarding cleanliness. You can try some fragrance or room freshener which will leave a good image on your first meet.
  • Always have shower before meeting your chosen escort. It relaxes your body and soul and rejuvenates your body.
  • If you are suffering from PME (pre mature ejaculation) or ED (erectile dysfunction), then try to take Viagra before physical encounter with your partner. It will increase the duration of love session and both of you can enjoy for longer time.
  • Most of the girls of Kolkata Escort services do not smoke. So, before smoking just ask her, which will build your good image in front of your escort girl. However you can arrange for wine, vodka or other beverages for making scene more romantic.
  • Do not start hugging or kissing in the starting. Allow her to take rest for some time so that he can be comfortable with you. Meanwhile you can ask for drink or snacks for getting friendlier with your female escort.
  • After 15 minutes, you can start your love session from cuddle, kissing and hugs. Once you both get sexually turn ON, just do not rush for fast ejaculation as it can spoil your investment if it is on shot wise booking. Be cam have fun, foreplay activities as she is for you.
  • If the hired Kolkata independent escorts do not allow anal sex, oral sex or any other unnatural activities do not force her to do so. Understand that, she is human being first. Hiring them for good time does not mean that, she is your slave. Treat her like your future girlfriend and see the level of orgasmic pleasure which you will receive at last.
  • Once you are finished, just cuddle her for some time, as women have got higher sexual urge in comparison to men. However, you should hand over the money in envelope on her arrival only, which justify your elite etiquettes and good manner.

If you will follow these above steps, you can easily get your new girlfriend in the form of independent Kolkata escorts. So, do your homework properly so that she can be yours for rest of your life.

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