My Naughty and Romantic Time With Independent Kolkata Call Girls

I, Shailendra Kanaujia, 34-year-old young man, am a company secretary of a reputed company in Gurgaon.  Once I had come to Kolkata to attend a meeting that my boss had arranged. When I came to Kolkata, I found it very interesting city as it boasts of many things: parks, shopping malls, government offices, hotels and restaurants etc. While attending the meeting, I came across a number of Call girls in Kolkata, I spent a lot of time with them, discussing various things about Kolkata, romantic things this city etc. Go through this blog attentively to know all about my experience.

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My moment with the escorts

Since my meeting was organized in a reputed hotel, I directly reached there at about 1 O’ clock in the afternoon. The meeting was supposed to start at 3 O’ clock. So, I had enough time to freshen up. All my colleagues were arriving at the hotel one after another. By 2 O’ clock, the meeting was completely full but my boss hadn’t come as yet. Suddenly, a beautiful young woman entered the hall and asked us to lend our ears to her. There was a pin drop silence in the room and she started giving her introduction. She said, “the boss is about to come and you all should maintain silence in the hall. I am his personal secretary.”  She was accompanied by four-five as beautiful girls as she was. She asked them to look after our needs. Soon all of them started serving us refreshment: beverages, snacks etc. After half an hour so, the personal secretary entered our hall and announced the arrival of our boss. As soon as the boss entered the all, all us stood greeted him. The meeting started and lasted for three hours. During the meeting, all the hostesses looked after our needs. When meeting got over, all the colleagues left the room. I was only left in the room with the girls. I asked one of them, “who are you all.” She said, “We all are Independent Kolkata escorts and have been hired for the hospitable services of the attendants of this meeting. She asked me, “Would you like to hire my escorts services? Feeling romantic I dittoed at once.

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Who provided my services?

The name of the escort whom I hired was Sandhya Jadhav. Her services were really heart stopping to me. She also told me many things about Kolkata Escorts services and how they are made available to the clients.

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  1. A escort provides a best enjoyment and some memorable moments of life. its such a very nice and informative post. thank you for sharing.!!!

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